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We love what we do and it shows

We are a team of passionate apparel professionals. Each of us loves what we do and we are motivated in our knowledge that what we design and make feeds your passion as well. 

In 2019 we noticed that the winds of change were blowing in the global markets. After over six months of direct research, it was determined that we would build our presence and a factory in Central America, beginning in Guatemala. COVID hit us all in 2020 and significantly challenged our progress, but we did not stop our advance. 


Each of us has decades of manufacturing experience in over a dozen countries for small brands and global brands. We decided together as a team to take the best practices of every factory in every country we had worked in and establish InfiTex as a leader in our field. Talent finds a home with us.

We are women, men, moms, dads, parents, children, members of families, communities and organizations. We belong and find happiness and value in our involvement and our work.


Today, we know we don't make only apparel. Not at all. To our clients and their customers, we make fun, we make happiness, we make memories and we make opportunity. We change lives and bring smiles to faces. That thought gets us up every morning and puts us to bed excited every night. 

Come enjoy InfiTex with us.

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