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Expert Guidance

Throughout every step of the process, our savvy staff will provide leadership during all facets of the design stages. From fabric development to print production, sample fitting to grading, let our professionals help make things seamless from concept to production.

Full-Service Product Development Team

Our world-class New York City based team can assist you with market & trend research, conceptual presentations, garment design, technical design, print & graphic design, CAD design and styling. With over 50 years of combined industry experience, our staff will share their expertise to keep your product at the forefront of the market.

Cutting Edge Browzwear 3D Software

We use Browzwear to speed up the design and decision making process, getting your product to market faster. Let our professionally trained staff help your product benefit from this cutting edge technology.

A World-Class Design Team at Your Fingertips

We have designed and launched full lines for global brands

If you are serious about your brand and products, you deserve to have our expertise behind your launch. 


In the design world, the client benefits from the experience and brand exposure of the designers. Enjoy a review of the extensive brands we have designed for below. Perhaps you will see a few you know and love. 

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